Applause for mixed-doubles tournament champions!

Big rounds of applause, please, for the winners of our mixed A, B and C doubles competition — DTC’s final tournamentsof the 2020 season!

In mixed A doubles, Erika Dimitriev and Justin Belanger defended their title, winning 6-1 and 6-1 against Natasha Kent and Robert Husain.

In mixed B doubles,, Susana La Rosa and Satwinder Saini defeated top seeds Ashli MacInnis and Steve Du with a score of 6-1 and 6-3.

And in the mixed C competition, Catalina Lopez de Lara and Ali Miri (top right) beat James Emery and Margaret Chu, with a score of 6-0 and 6-4.

Some of our mixed-doubles winners are walking away with more than one trophy this season.

Justin Belanger was a winner of men’s A doubles competition while Satwinder Saini, a Davisville newcomer this season, also won the men’s B doubles.

Catalina Lopez de Lara also won women’s C doubles.while Ali Mirii scored a hat trick, by winning the men’s C singles and doubles tournaments as well.

Humongous thanks go to our teams and tournaments director Gene Parker for all of her incredible work, unimaginable hours and running around to keep the tournaments running smoothly, and to Tim Roy for putting together the draws.

“I call Tim the brains and me the brawn of the tournaments,” Gene says!

We also thank our head pro, Brian Ahlberg, for doing the seeding and Manny Urbino for all of his help setting up tournaments, shared real-time score-keeping, Facebook tournament updates and umpire training.

Finally, a thank you to all of the match umpires: Amelia Bishop, Martin Chang-Kue, Kris Dmytrenko, Robert Perez, Peter Johnson, Sarah Rogers, Nina Sampaleanu, Phil Shyu, Stuart Teather and Manny Urbino.

Congrats to all participants! What a great tournament season we had, in spite of the trials created by COVID-19!!

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