Group Lessons
(Group Lessons open to DTC Members only.)

To register online please use the link below. If you require assistance, please contact Alastair


Click here to register for a group lesson.


Once you have registered, please make note of the dates and times of each of the lessons.  All lessons take place on Court 6 at the appointed time.


For Private Lessons, members should email the pro directly via the link below:


Assistant Pro:


Cancellation Policy (Private Lessons)

Please note that by registering for a private or semi-private session, you have made a commitment to both the Pro's time and court time.  Lessons cancelled within the last 24 hours before the scheduled time will still be charged at full price.


Contact Alastair

You can contact Alastair at:
(647) 241-4314

Fee Schedule

Private Lesson: $60.00 per hour
Semi Private: $35.00 per person per hour
3 Person Group: $30.00 per person per hour
4 Person Group: $25.00 per person per hour
Cardio Tennis Clinic: $15.00 per person per hour