Group Lessons

DTC 2018 Adult Group Lessons



Important: Please read the Adult Group Lesson policies below before you register*.


IN-PROGRESS: Spring Session # 1 Dates (4 Weeks):
April 23- May 19
Make up week: May 22nd to May 26th
Payment Due Date: April 16


Spring Session # 2 Dates (3 Weeks):
May 28th – June 16th
Make up week: July 2 – July 6th
Payment Due Date: May 22nd


Summer Session Dates (7 Weeks):
July 9th – August 25
Make up week: August 27th to September 1
Payment due date: July 2nd
Monday August 6 (Civic Holiday) no classes will be held.


Fall Session Dates (5 Weeks):
September 4 – October 6th
Make up week: October 8th to 13th
Payment due date: August 27th
Monday, September 3rd Labour Day no classes will be held.


*Adult Group Lesson Policies:

  • Participants in the group lessons must be DTC members before they sign up (no exceptions).

  • Registration can be made online only through the club website. Registration is done by logging in to the member’s page. There you will find a link to register for lessons. Please check important dates for registration and payment above. No email signups will be accepted.

  • All lessons take place on Court 6 at the appointed time.

  • Class size is a minimum 3, but not more than 4 participants. If there are less than 3 sign-ups we reserve the right to cancel the class. Cancellation decisions will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Payment is by cheque, cash, or EMT ( for Brian). All prices include the appropriate taxes. Please make cheque payable to Brian Ahlberg. It can be mailed to the instructor’s home (see addressed below) or physically turned in at the clubhouse. Cash payments are accepted, made either at the club (receipt will be given) or turned in directly to Brian (please don’t mail cash payments).

         Mailing address:
         Brian Ahlberg
         99 Davisville Avenue, TH unit # 5
         Toronto, ON, M4S 0A8

  • Payment must be received by the due date posted on the website.

  • Persons on the waiting list will be added to classes if space becomes available. Persons added from the waiting list will have until the start of the first class to make payment.
  • Make up classes are given only for rain.

  • Make up classes will be held the week after the session ends. Make up classes may not be held the same time or night as the regular classes. Refunds will not be given if the participant cannot be available for the makeup class.

  • If the make up classes cannot be made up due to rain during the make up week then refunds will be given. Refunds are not given for any reason other than rain.

  • If the weather is questionable, please call the club house prior to leaving for the club. The court supervisor will let you know the status of the class

  • Adjustments to the adult clinics’ structure may be made as the season goes along. Please check the website carefully when signing up for any changes that might have occurred.