Group and Private lessons

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Group Lessons

Group Lessons are a great way to get motivated, stay active and improve your game while having fun! Meet and play with others at your level.

The ratio of students to pro will be max 4/1. These lessons are offered to players of same rating in order to maintain a good level of play. Instruction focuses on a variety of skills including – strokes and footwork, serving, singles strategy, doubles strategy and much more!

Group Lessons are offered during weekday evenings and weekends. As such, they are open to our full members only. These lessons are very popular, so make sure to register on time.. Prices here

Private Lessons

To make big strides forward in your overall tennis abilities, getting professional coaching is certainly a good idea.

Everyone can get better and even the top ranked players in the world constantly try to incorporate new shots, new strategies, better movement, increased fitness, more concentrated focus, improved technique, etc. into what they do. Learning how to hit the ball properly and how to move on the court can also help to reduce injury and extend your time on the court.  Please contact our head pro Brian Ahlberg  to schedule your next private or semi private lessons.  Prices here

Get Outside! 

Group Lessons Sessions schedule

You can book lessons as sessions become available. Once you  log into Court reserve site, you can register for the desired lesson.

Important: Please read the Adult Group Lesson Policies below before you register. 

Contact Brian for more information

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Adult Group Lesson Policies:

the costs involved

Lesson Pricing

Head Pro Brian

Private Lesson: $70/hr for club members, $80/hr for non-members

Semi Private: (per person)$40/hr for club members, $45/hr for non-members

3 Person Group: (per person) $30/hr for club members, $33/hr for non-members

4 Person Group: (per person) $25/ hr  for club members, $28/hr  for non-members

Assistant Pro

Private Lesson: $50/hr for club members, $60/hr for non-members

Semi Private: (per person)$30/hr for club members, $35/hr for non-members

3 Person Group: (per person) $25/hr for club members, $28/hr for non-members

4 Person Group: (per person) $20/ hr for club members, $23/hr for non-members