Tips for Registering Children

Normally, all children playing or learning on the DTC courts during non-public hours need to be a member of the club, whether they are playing with other members, or taking part in the summer camps offered by our pro. The one exception (in 2020) is the Spring or Fall 4-5pm after-school programs. Memberships are good for the entire season, and also allows court booking privileges.

Court Reserve is the member management and court booking system used by DTC. Court Reserve does have some limitations in how accounts may be set up, so this page offers a few tips (in explicit detail) for registering your child in the system and signing them up for a Junior membership.

Parents Registering One Child

If you only need to register one child then the easiest and most-straightforward approach is to create an individual account for the child, and associate a unique email address with it, either the child’s (if they have one), or your own. It doesn’t matter what email address you use, but you must be able to receive emails on that account, and it must not already be used in Court Reserve. Here are the steps involved:

  • go to the Court Reserve¬†portal
  • click on the green “Create Account” button on the upper left, and create an account for the child
  • once the account has been created, there will be a green “Activate Membership” button in the same spot on the upper left. Click the button, and select the appropriate Junior membership for the child
  • make sure you are logged in, and click on “My Profile” in the menu on the top right, and pay for the membership in the “Billing” section
  • at this point the account will be live with an active membership, including court booking privileges

Parents Registering Multiple Children

Court Reserve does have the concept of “families”, but unfortunately at this time there are some limitations. If you have multiple children, and can find a unique email address to use for each child, then it is usually still easiest to register a new, standalone account for each child, following the steps as described above.

If you simply cannot come up with more than one email address (i.e. perhaps you have only one email address, your own), then it is possible to set up a family structure such that the kids will not require emails, but it will require a small amount of back and forth with us. Here are the steps:

  • go to the Court Reserve portal
  • click on the green “Create Account” button on the upper left, and create an account for the yourself. This will be a free, non-member account
  • once the account has been created, make sure you are logged in, and click on “My Profile” in the menu on the top right. Go the the “My Family” section in the profile
  • Using the “+ Add New Family Member” button, add an account for each child. Unless the child is very small, you will normally want to allow this account to be used to log in and book tennis courts. In that case, follow these steps:
    • check off the “Allow Child To Login And Use Booking Privileges” checkbox
    • leave the email address blank (if you don’t have one), and make up and enter a good username, e.g. if the child is named John Smith, perhaps make the username “john.smith”
    • enter a password and make sure to record it somewhere safe (IMPORTANT, it will be hard to change later)
  • now email us requesting that the appropriate Junior membership (e.g. age 4-6 or 7-18) be added to each child’s account. Best is to email and also CC We will try to make the change as soon as possible
  • when you have received confirmation that the memberships have been added to the child accounts, you may log in as the parent, go to your profile, and see the total outstanding charges which must be paid, in the “Billing” section.
  • pay the outstanding charges, and the child accounts will be active