The 2021 season is finally here!

As of 8am Saturday May 22nd, our gates have opened! It was a mad dash to get everything in order, but we managed. As always, the board is very happy to see our members back on courts, and although the tennis played right now is a bit rough, we will all be ready very soon […]

Winter Tennis dates and details

As always, we like to offer our members a chance to play tennis during the off season. As in the past few years, we managed to secure 5 courts at Mayfair West, some Saturdays starting with November 7th 2020. These sessions start at 7.30 pm and last for 2 hours. Registrations will be made online […]

Events coming up: Meet and play

We have a couple of upcoming events scheduled to help you connect with other members and play your favourite game! Daytime members only: On June 11, 10 a.m. to noon: Meet other members and play a round-robin style event. New full-time members only: June 16, 7:20 p.m. to 9:20 p.m. Come meet other members and […]

Sign up for ladder play; learn more about ratings

Ratings: New full-time members, juniors and adults, MUST be rated by the end of the season. The faster you get rated, the easier it will be for you to arrange matches with players at your level. The first rating session is being held on Sunday, June 7, at 11 a.m. It is open to eight […]

Registration for Masters is now open

It is that time of the year. At Davisville September + Masters Championships. In order to register for the Singles Tournament click here. For the Doubles Tournament click here

Erika Dimitriev: a Davisville tennis story

Although she is already an “old member” at Davisville Tennis Club, Erika is a very young tennis player who achieved a lot in her career. As of June 2019 she can list U16 Provincial Champion as her accomplishment! Congratulations Erika! You make us proud! Erika is part of the NYTA Junior program, where she learns […]

July Clinics and Lessons – sign up

The first summer session for adult clinics will open for registration on Sunday, June 23, at noon.Once again, this is the first season that we are offering sign-up on-line for group lessons.If you haven’t already, you must make a profile for yourself before you can register. You can find what you need to know about group lessons […]


Summer months are fast approaching. If you want your kids to be the next tennis champions, if you want your kids to share your passion for tennis, if you want your kids to be active, learn to focus, learn new skills and just have fun….you have to start them NOW! Davisville Tennis Club offers great […]

NEW DATE – ratings and re-ratings

Contact Brian if you are interested in getting rated or re-rated. Saturday June 29th from 12pm – 12.30 pm for ratings and 12.30pm – 1.0pm for re-ratings. You can find Brian at