2023 Junior Camps

DTC Member Hub

Please log in before trying to access the DTC Member Hub. Note that the login and credentials for the Member Hub are completely separate from those for Court Reserve!

If you have just logged in and are still seeing this message, we apologize. Some people have been having issues due to caching in the browser. Please try pressing Ctrl-R to force a reload. Alternately, try going into Incognito mode (Chrom, by pressing Ctrl-Shift-R) or Private mode (Firefox, by pressing Ctrl-Shift-P) before logging in.

Welcome to the DTC Member Hub! This members-only area will help you connect more easily with other members, and to access all the information you need.

Below is a brief description of each area in the hub. Note that if you want to do a court booking, you must go to our (outside) court booking system, CourtReserve, to do so. Similarly, if you are taking part in one of the ladders, you will want to use SkyCourt for that.

First time here? Make sure to double-check the email & phone privacy settings in your user profile.

Member Directory

Look up other members to get their email address and/or phone number (depending on their profile settings).

Private Messaging

Send a private message (with email notification) to another member. This is useful if you don't have their phone number or email address, or if you just prefer to get in touch like this.

Chat Channels

Use the chat chanels (split up by level) when you are looking for hits in the short term, e.g. the next few days or week. Either post a message describing what you are looking for, or try to find an existing person already looking for a partner.


The forums (also split up by level) are meant for people to advertise their general availability over a longer period of time, e.g. the next few weeks, months, or the season. Either post a message describe yourself, what you are looking for, and time constraints, or contact one of the people that have already posted.

Member Documents Repository

This area makes available various documents to the DTC membership