2023 Junior Camps

Tennis Lessons

Whether you are new to tennis or have been playing the game forever, all of us strive to play to the best of our abilities and to get a little bit better each time out. Part of making those improvements is through repetition (practice) and being exposed to a variety of games and situations. Those who are naturally athletic can certainly play well based on talent alone.

To make big strides forward in your overall tennis abilities, getting professional coaching is certainly a good idea. Everyone can get better and even the top ranked players in the world constantly try to incorporate new shots, new strategies, better movement, increased fitness, more concentrated focus, improved technique, etc. into what they do. Learning how to hit the ball properly and how to move on the court can also help to reduce injury and extend your time on the court.

Davisville is proud to offer our members lots of different opportunities for improvement. Brian Ahlber and his team of tennis professionals offer years of experience that you can benefit from. Group lessons, Private lessons and clinics of all levels and different focuses allow you to truly bring your game up a level and help to make your time at the club fulfilling. Success can be yours.