2023 Junior Camps

Davisville's Parties

We are known for our Parties!

Our members like to get together to play, but we also like to get together to talk about how good or bad we were on any given day. Because of the nature of the tag board, members find themselves at the club for extended periods of time, and so friendships and spur of the moment social events happen all the time. Generally the price of admission for those events is being friendly with your fellow members.

Of course, we also arrange events of our own. Every Social Tennis features an end at a local establishment (sometimes without the tennis). And we also organize some more serious opportunities to party. This year, this will feature:

Opening Day Party
Mid Season Party
Year End Party
We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in October 2017. We did it in perfect Davisville style: big white tent on the courts with people dancing between the service lines! Thanks to all members, past and present, who came out to celebrate the community we created.
Stuart Teather
Club President