2023 Junior Camps

Davisville is well known in Toronto tennis circles to be a one of the friendliest and most social clubs around. It is hard to be a member of our club and not meet people, get involved and enjoy your time off of the court as much as your time on it. Some social highlights of the year include:

Opening Day Party

Location coming soon.

Social Tennis Socials

Saturday nights throughout the year after House League. Those participating in House League (and those that are not) are invited to come out after play has ended to celebrate their victories and near victories in numerous local establishments close to the courts. We mix it up all of the time, so come on out and join in the fun.


Food! Most of the time, these are lunches, but we do breakfast and the odd dinner as well. This year, there are 12 scheduled and we usually throw in a couple more for fun. Opening Day barbeques, Canada Day barbeques, Tournament barbeques, just because barbeques … you can’t get enough. Everyone is always invited.

First Major Party

Opening Day – 8pm.  Details to come.

Davisville Cup

September 8 – Perhaps the most fun day of the year at the club. You play on teams, dress up in costumes, compete for prizes, celebrate with a party in the evening! This is our opportunity to give back to our community by doing what we do best … playing tennis and having fun. Over the past 8 years, we have raised over $98,000 for the Doug Philpott Childrens Tennis Fund. Sign up on opening day as space is limited. This year’s theme is Fly Away!

Year End Dinner Dance and Award Ceremony

Details will come on this great event soon!

Every other day …

Every day at Davisville is a social event. You come to the club, tag up, play, come off the court, tag up, hang out with friends on the patio or on the hill, play again, come off the court, tag up, go to lunch, come back, play again. The easiest way to make this the best summer ever is to come often, get involved, volunteer, meet the people that want to meet you, and become part of the best club in the city!