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Ratings: New full-time members, juniors and adults, MUST be rated by the end of the season. The faster you get rated, the easier it will be for you to arrange matches with players at your level. The first rating session is being held on Sunday, June 7, at 11 a.m. It is open to eight players (two players evaluated every 15 minutes). Rating sessions for new full-time members are free. If returning members want to be re-rated, a session will cost $10. Weekday daytime members are not required to be rated, but getting a rating will make it easier to find other members to play with. The cost is $10.
For more dates and everything you need to know about ratings, please click here.
To book a spot for a rating session, please go into your Court Reserve profile, under “Events” and book the date and time you want.
Note: We plan to have a place on-line where members can advertise their availability to play. Having a rating is a good indication of your playing level, making easier to find other similarly rated members to play with.
Ladders: We are bringing back our popular Singles Ladders, one dedicated to men and another to women. This ladder is restricted to full-time adult and junior members. We will have a new Weekday Daytime Ladder that is open to ALL members: full-time, daytime, juniors (aged seven to18), adults, men and women. Matches for regular ladders can be played at any time while the club is open. Weekday daytime ladder D matches can only be played during weekday daytime hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday).
General information about ladders can be found on our website . Due to the changes at the club this year, the website will have to be updated. We are aiming to publish the new guide and rules by the end of the weekend. For questions, please e-mail Nina.
The first ladder session will run June 13- July 12. The next session will run July 14 – Aug 31st, and the last one Sept 1 – Sept 30.
To register In order to register, access your Court Reserve portal. Go to the “Events” section and choose the ladder(s) you would like to play in. Registration is open until Thursday June 11! (This will give us only 2 days to divide people in boxes and organize everyone, so make sure you get your name in before Thursday evening at 10.30pm) Note: we will use Court Reserve to register and pay for ladders and also to book courts for ladder matches, but the actual score keeping will be hosted by a different platform (more on that later)
Please note: After June 13, once the June session has started, you can add your name to the waitlist. If spots open up, you can join in the July session.

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