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Our Tournaments

We run Singles and Doubles Tournaments, at all Skill levels

Playing in a Davisville tournament is a great way to not only play tennis in a fun and competitive environment but also an excellent way to meet new people. There are however, some rules

Note: Participation in tournaments is limited to Full Members only

Tournament Levels


Level A Tournament

Consists of players rated 4.5 and above. 


Level B Tournament

Consists of players rated at 3.5 and 4.0


Level C Tournament

Consists of players rated at 3.0 &under

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Registrations will begin closer to the date of each tournament. Once the Tournament is announced, players can register via CourtReserve/Events. The draw will be made public a couple of days before the tournament starts. 

Note: there is a $5.00 fee, per person, per tournament.

Our Tournaments and schedule

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Tournament Rules

  • Each tournament runs for 7 days, Monday to Sunday.
  • Players can only request two restrictions for any two non-consecutive weeknights.
  • Players MUST be available to play at any time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A restriction on any of these days is not permitted
  • Entries close on the Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.  before the tournament starts (unless stated otherwise in the registration e-mail.)
  • Failure to meet the entry deadline will result in the person not being able to play in that particular tournament.
  • Tournament restrictions must be stated to the tournament director before the entry deadline.
  • It costs $5 to play in any tournament. Players will be given a free barbecue ticket with their registration.
  • Payment is made on the day of the tournament. Payment must be made to the person taking payment on the day of the tournament.
  • No player is officially registered in a tournament until full payment has been submitted to the club.
  • Any player who defaults from the tournament after the tournament entries close (see Deadlines) must still pay the tournament fee.
  • Any player who does not pay the tournament fee will have their membership tag removed from the Tag Board until full payment has been submitted to the club.
  • Players have only 10 minutes to warm-up.
  • If a player or team is being assessed a penalty for being late, the time penalty is assessed when the player or team shows up. They are allowed a full warm-up from that point in time (10 minutes) without additional penalty.
  • Refusing to Start:
    • If a player or team refuses to start a match once the 10 minute warm up has expired the player or team will be issued an official warning.
    • If this is the first infraction by the player / team, they will be issued an official warning.
    • If the player / team still refuses to start they will be assessed a one game penalty.
    • If the player / team still refuses to start they will default the match.
    • If the player / team in question has already been issued an official warning, they will be defaulted.
  • Davisville Members are allowed to play in one mixed, one appropriate men’s or women’s doubles and one singles tournament in any Davisville season. Men who have reached the age of 45 and women that have reached the age of 40 may also participate in the Master’s Tournaments.
  • There are three levels of tournament play at Davisville Tennis Club – A, B, and C. The C level tournaments consist of players rated at a 2.5 or 3.0 level. The B level tournaments consist of players rated 3.5 or below. The A level tournaments are open to any member of DTC but generally consist of players rated 4.5 and above.
  • NEW: Members may not participate in tournaments unless they have been rated. The non-rated player must attend a rating session before entries close for the tournament that the player wants to participate in. (AGM Motion, September 30, 2013)
  • Draws are completed by tournament director/designate (not in that particular tournament) and by one other current adult member (in good standing) of the club.
  • If player name(s) are omitted from the draw due to administrative error, the draw will be redone
    • Notwithstanding the previous statement, if player(s) are omitted from a tournament and cannot provide proof of registration, unfortunately the player(s) will not be participants(s) in the tournament and the draw will not be redone.
  • Draws will be posted in the clubhouse and on our website no later than 1:00pm on the Sunday before the start of the tournament.
  • Each player has the responsibility to find out when their first match is scheduled.
  • Seeded players are determined by the Club Pro based upon previous (1 or 2 years) tournaments, and on the pro’s discretion.
  • Matches are to be played during club hours on the day and at the time scheduled. Failure to play a scheduled match shall result in an automatic default of the player or players that are not ready, willing and able to play a match at its scheduled time.
  • Notwithstanding the previous statement, a match may be rescheduled if:
    • There is a rain delay of more than 1 hour (Please see Delays for more information regarding this statement).
    • The match has been cancelled by the tournament director due to weather conditions (Please see Delays for more information regarding this statement).
    • Both players agree to reschedule the match at least 12 hours in advance of the scheduled match and the tournament director agrees to allow such rescheduling. Other scheduled matches will be taken into consideration along with any delay that rescheduling the match may have on the continuity and timely conclusion of the tournament.
    • In the tournament director’s sole discretion he or she feels that it would be fair and appropriate under the circumstance to reschedule the match, taking the other scheduled matches into consideration and any delay that rescheduling said match may have on the continuity and timely conclusion of the tournament.
  • Matches will start as soon as a court is available, but no earlier than their scheduled start time unless both sides agree and have the approval of the tournament director.
  • Please show up 10 minutes prior to your start time for each match. Please check in with all players ready.
  • For every five full minutes that a player is late for a match, that player/team will lose one game, starting at the five minute mark. For example, if a player/team is 10 minutes late that player/team will be down 2-0. At the 15 minute mark the player/team will automatically be defaulted.
  • The Davisville Tag Board Clock will regulate the time of the matches. In other words, if the Davisville Tag Board Clock says it is 7:10pm and another clock says 7:05pm, the Tag Board Clock is the proper time.
  • Each match is best out of 3 sets, with the winner moving on and the non-winner being eliminated.
  • Tie-breaker at six all.
  • Server is allowed 25 seconds between points.
  • 90-second break after third game of set and every two games thereafter.
  • 90-second break between first and second set and a 10-minute break between the second and third set.
  • All matches must be played at Davisville Tennis Club.
  • Rain:
    • If it is raining, tournament matches will be rescheduled.
    • In the event of rain, please show up at the club. The Teams & Tournament Director (or designate) will reschedule the matches as court time allows.
  • After Hours:
    • Matches may be held after club hours at the discretion of the tournament director in the case that a match has not been completed by 10:30pm on a weekday or Saturday night or 6pm on a Sunday night.
  • Finals:
    • If the weather prevents play on Sunday, the match is to be played by the following Sunday
    • If by the following Sunday the weather does not permit play, the final match is moved to the next available day as permitted by the weather.
    • The only exception to the above is for quantifiable pre-arranged plans. In this case, the final is to be played within 7 days of return of player(s) and the match time will be determined by the opposing player(s).
  • Fatigue and/or injury to either player shall not hold any weight towards a decision to delay match completion to another day.
  • Substitutions may be made prior to completion of the first round.
  • If seedings are affected by the substitution, the Tournament Director will either re-do the draw or place the player(s) in the app
  • Two non-consecutive 5 minute injury timeouts are permitted during a match.
  • Matches cannot be rearranged due to injury. Failure to play a match due to injury results in default.
  • Are used only for the finals unless a request is made by player(s) prior to or during a match.
  • The umpire will determine the final call and /or determine any rule violation, if requested by player(s) during the match.
  • If a player argues with the umpire it may result in their disqualification.
  • If a player exhibits any form of unsportsmanlike behavior the code of conduct will be enforced.
  • Players that signed up for a tournament have until Friday at 5:00pm before the tournament starts to withdraw from the tournament without penalty.
  • Players will be required to pay their tournament fee when withdrawing from a tournament after Friday at 5:00pm
  • The Davisville Tennis Club’s Dress Code is in effect. Anyone not following the dress code will not be allowed to play.
  • A modified point-penalty system similar to that outlined in the Yardstick will be followed (i.e. point, game, set, match).
  • Conduct considered to be unsportsmanlike may result in removal from the tournament.

Contact Information

If you want more information about our tournaments, please contact Gene Parker at teamsandtournaments@davisvilletennisclub.com

During the tournament, call the clubhouse at: 416-481- 6569

Play in Our Tournaments or Watch from the Hill!