2023 Junior Camps

Tournament schedule for the 2023 season: 

(By registering for the tournament, you consent to your name and results appearing in the draw that will be posted on-line.)

Men’s and women’s A and C doubles
 June 12  to June 18
Men’s and women’s  B doubles
 June 19 to June 25
Daytime mixed singles
June 19 to June 25
Mixed A, B and C doubles
 July 10 to July 16
Men’s and women’s A and C singles
July 24 to July 30
Men’s and women’s B singles
Aug. 14 to Aug. 20
Masters mixed doubles
Aug. 21 to Aug. 27
Masters singles
Sept. 4 to Sept. 10
* Masters: Open to all playing levels. Only men and women aged 50 and older  (including those turning 50  anytime during this calendar year) are allowed to participate.  

Please  familiarize yourself with the tournament rules prior to the start of any of these events.  

For more information, please contact Gene Parker at teamsandtournaments@davisvilletennisclub.com .